The Mistakes Of The New Photography Trend

What are the issues you should keep in mind when booking a photo booth? Read on below!

  • Quality versus expenses – photobooths are by no means inexpensive. They usually come with a fixed price per day so as to provide flexibility over the number of sessions or photos taken, but this also means that you will generally see a hefty price tag. Do not compel yourself to pick the cheapest provider because of this reason, because you won’t be able to expect quality photos in such a circumstance. The quality of photos dictates the quality of service when it comes to photo booths, and you want to make sure that the provider uses a quality DLSR camera (as opposed to a webcam or something similar!).
  • Part-time providers – the other point you should focus on when it comes to quality, is the question of part-time providers. Instant photobooth Singapore are generally provided by professional companies, but there are some part-time providers who do not have a proper office or equipment in the industry as well. Try to avoid these part-time vendors, because they won’t be able to give you the level of professionalism that you would normally expect: not only will they most probably have amateur photographers, but they will also struggle to provide backups in case of failures or problems.
  • Staging issues – when it comes to photo booths, you will definitely need a lot of space. The problem is that certain venues can have restrictions when it comes to floor space available, and sometimes, event planners decide to skimp on the booth space to make up for it. The end result is a booth too small for groups of guests to take photos with, and this can significantly disappoint them. Always consider the layout of the venue and find the best location which allows for the biggest photo booth you can afford.
  • Free reprints – and finally, the one mistake you should not do when it comes to hiring a photo booth is forgetting to negotiate the reprints. Fortunately, most professional photo booth providers do, in fact, allow as many reprints of the same session as needed at no cost to you or the guests, but it is often better to ask beforehand than to expect without saying anything. Make sure to ask your provider their stance when it comes to reprints, and ensure that they are willing to provide a print of the same photo for all the guests who were in it. If you are left with a single print of a session, how are you going to decide who goes home with it? Avoid disappointing your guests in this manner, and make sure to discuss the issue with the provider therefore.