Different Diseases Which Have Similar Symptoms

There are various diseases which are quite different from each other but often have same or similar symptoms. Sometimes even doctors make a mistake in interpreting the issue when the patient tells the symptoms.

This is why they take several tests to confirm what exactly the issue is. For example piles and colorectal cancer have similar symptoms. There are many more diseases like these, some of which have been explained below.

HIV infection

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus which is a deadly infection which attacks the immune system of the human body. The symptoms of a HIV infection is similar to huge range of other diseases as well. Therefore it is impossible to detect whether the person has HIV just by looking at the symptoms. After first few weeks of HIV infection the patient would have symptoms like sore throat, muscle and joint aches and pains, night sweats and headaches. These are the symptoms of other medical conditions as well such as influenza, rubella and herpes virus. If one has AIDS their immune system will be weak and they could catch other problems such as pneumonia. If this is the case they will have issues like fever, cough and this necessarily doesn’t have to mean they have AIDS it could be something else such as cancer. So one cannot predict the problem just by looking at the symptoms, they need to take couple of tests to confirm it.

Anal disorders

Problem in the anal area can be very painful. There are many different anal diseases which have similar symptoms for example both piles and rectal cancer have same symptoms. However both have to be treated differently, for piles doctor might advice the patient to do haemorrhoid surgery in Singapore whereas for cancer the patient will have to do chemotherapy sessions. Sometimes it wouldn’t be either of the 2 and could simply be constipation or diarrhoea.


According to statistics diabetes is the leading cause of death in United States. It is very important to go for regular check-ups in order to detect this at an earlier stage. There are number of diseases which have symptoms similar to diabetes such as stroke. This is attack on brain that causes issues with the memory. The symptoms of this are loss of vision, sudden weakness which is similar to type 2 diabetes. Grave’s disease and glaucoma are other diseases which have symptoms of diabetes.

As explained above different medical conditions can have same symptoms and it takes time for doctors too to identify the real issue. This is why one needs to take reports when doctor asks and regular body check-up is advisable to detect issues at an earlier stage.