Badminton Fun Facts You Never Knew

Did you know this a sport the Asians are smashing it in! Probably not. Here is more about this and many more other interesting facts, of this fun game that even the elderly simply adore being a part of!

Asians aren’t only good at studying!

There obviously are many myths and theories circulating around Asians. Apparently they are so smart, too prim and proper that they cannot wear shoes indoors, and even are too harsh and strict (especially when it comes to missing the curfew hours!). While some might be true (especially the harsh part when it comes to parenting), others are just too ridiculous. I mean you can’t expect all Asians to be smart, there are those that are average too and those that are not so average either. Nevertheless, Asians sure are hardworking, and so it is no wonder that they have won 93 out of 103 medals at the Olympics after this sport was introduced as an event in the year 1992. They must have definitely taken up badminton classes for kids ever since they were capable of holding a racket! While it is rather exaggerating to a certain extent (or a lot), there is a truth to it. And of all countries in Asia, China and Indonesia are known to be the best, winning 70% of all BWF events amongst them.

The longest and shortest game

The longest match ever played in history lasted for approximately 2 hours, which was a match played between individual players from Denmark and China! While the shortest one was only six minutes between South Korean player Ra Kyung Min and Julia Mann from England. Although we cannot even seem to top these without proper badminton classes, it isn’t impossible if your tried hard (really hard!).

Tops number two on the list

Of the many games played around the world ranging from lacrosse to soft ball to water polo and even football, this sport has topped number two on the list for the most popular sports around the world only being second to football!

Dried up gut rackets

As disgusting as it sounds, it is indeed a true fact. Although today most rackets are designed with synthetic strings to make up the netting of a racket, back in the days these strings were made of dried stomach lining of cats or cows. While some vintage collectible rackets might still possess these, they sure must be expensive! But then again why would you pay so much for some dead animal stomach guts!

Badminton is interesting and it is even more, to be a part of, knowing the ins and outs of it. So do give it a try playing this wonderful game and enjoy that wonderful whoosh of the shuttle cock smashing on the side of your opponent’s as you fight to win the game!