About ESE Coffee Pods

What are ESE Coffee pods? ESE stands for “Easy Serving Espresso” which is the set industry standard for coffee pods which is 44mm in dimension. However, there is also a pod which is 62mm in dimension. A java pod is equal to a teabag which contains a pre-measurement of java enclosed in a paper filter. Any capsule that is manufactured based on the industry requirement can be used in any ESE compatible machine. Approximately a pod contains 6.7 – 7.5 gram of caffeine which can be flavoured too. In the equipment there is a specific position to place the casing. However, in certain manufactured machinery which processes ground coffee, the filter baskets need to be removed and the capsule can be placed in the same spot. The launch of ESEs has motivated java machine manufacturers to produce environmental friendly equipment.

 The different between ESE and Coffee beans

  • The main advantage when using pods is that they are very convenient to use. Using coffee beans means that a specialised barista must be available to skilfully produce the brew. Let’s not forget that the beans must be measured accurately and tampered. However, the capsules are already prepared in the little casing. Therefore, if you choose to buy coffee pods you will be saving a lot of time and effort.
  • No java is wasted when you use any type of pod such and therefore, the business will be saving costs. You will also save money on the traditional machinery used.

 ESE pods versus other capsules

There are many different types of java pods such as Tassimo, Dolce Gusta or nespresso compatible capsules Singapore. ESE capsules are considered to have a better flavour than the other cases available hence why brands such as Lavazza and Sagafredo provides a larger range of caffeine beverages.

 Pod adaptors

If you own an older machine, there are adaptors available that can be used in order for you to use one of ESE capsules. The latest machines have both facilities to make a good cup of brew traditionally or using the capsules.

 Making the perfect flavoured drink

When making a traditional cup of java, you have to make sure that you use the correct quantity and prepare the correct way to create the perfect flavoured beverage. When it comes to using the pods, you will always get the flavour right!

 The coffee industry will never die and therefore, all businesses must adapt with the changing technology changes in order to achieve better margins. Enjoy the flavour of an ESE cup of hot java.