4 Things You Must Know Before Moving To Singapore

Singapore is one of the most attractive destinations for expats from around the world because of the impressive financial stability this little red dot on the world map provides for its many investors and quality of life second to no country in the region. Whether you’re planning on visiting Singapore for business commitments, sightseeing or to visit a loved one, there are a few things you must keep in mind if you want to thoroughly enjoy your time in modernized land of opportunities.


Although Singapore is a very small country with an area of 719.9 km2 it holds a heavy population of 5,607,300. As a result, a dire shortage in housing is present and understandably, the prices of the houses have skyrocketed over the last decade. Most residents live in high-rise apartment buildings to coop with the shortage of land availability. Executive condominiums (EC) are unique to this country and these are hybrids of public and private housing and facilities such as basement parking, security, playgrounds and swimming pools are included in the premises. You can refer the Rivercove Residences brochure to gain a better understanding about this unique housing concept.

Highly efficient public transport

Public transport sector of Singapore is perhaps one of the most efficiently functioning authorities in the world. The punctuality of the MRT trains are so impressive, that even a 20-minute delay would make national news. Because of the small size of the country Singaporean government is investing heavily in developing and expanding the public transportation sector and minimize the use of personal vehicles

Singapore is an expensive country

This is true and if you were to set foot on the country and survive for a week without knowing where you can get good deals in this super expensive country, you will surely be left with an empty wallet. Singapore was named as the world’s most expensive city for the fourth year in a row due to this reason and the prices are always on the rise. Automobiles can cost about 40% more than what it costs in US, a pint of beer at a bar will usually cost about a shocking $15 and housing can be outrageously pricey. The trick is to know exactly where to look for stuff and even if you are to pay a large sum of money make sure you get the best return for it. Rivercove Residences pricing goes in line with the many facilities and services offered and this eliminates the need to look for expensive facilities elsewhere as almost everything is provided in the complex itself. 

Soon to become a cashless city

Credit and debit cards are used in Singapore for almost all transactional activities than anywhere else in the world. Ironically, Singaporean cash notes are some of the cleanest and most colourful of economies all around the world.