Badminton Fun Facts You Never Knew

Did you know this a sport the Asians are smashing it in! Probably not. Here is more about this and many more other interesting facts, of this fun game that even the elderly simply adore being a part of!

Asians aren’t only good at studying!

There obviously are many myths and theories circulating around Asians. Apparently they are so smart, too prim and proper that they cannot wear shoes indoors, and even are too harsh and strict (especially when it comes to missing the curfew hours!). While some might be true (especially the harsh part when it comes to parenting), others are just too ridiculous. I mean you can’t expect all Asians to be smart, there are those that are average too and those that are not so average either. Nevertheless, Asians sure are hardworking, and so it is no wonder that they have won 93 out of 103 medals at the Olympics after this sport was introduced as an event in the year 1992. They must have definitely taken up badminton classes for kids ever since they were capable of holding a racket! While it is rather exaggerating to a certain extent (or a lot), there is a truth to it. And of all countries in Asia, China and Indonesia are known to be the best, winning 70% of all BWF events amongst them.

The longest and shortest game

The longest match ever played in history lasted for approximately 2 hours, which was a match played between individual players from Denmark and China! While the shortest one was only six minutes between South Korean player Ra Kyung Min and Julia Mann from England. Although we cannot even seem to top these without proper badminton classes, it isn’t impossible if your tried hard (really hard!).

Tops number two on the list

Of the many games played around the world ranging from lacrosse to soft ball to water polo and even football, this sport has topped number two on the list for the most popular sports around the world only being second to football!

Dried up gut rackets

As disgusting as it sounds, it is indeed a true fact. Although today most rackets are designed with synthetic strings to make up the netting of a racket, back in the days these strings were made of dried stomach lining of cats or cows. While some vintage collectible rackets might still possess these, they sure must be expensive! But then again why would you pay so much for some dead animal stomach guts!

Badminton is interesting and it is even more, to be a part of, knowing the ins and outs of it. So do give it a try playing this wonderful game and enjoy that wonderful whoosh of the shuttle cock smashing on the side of your opponent’s as you fight to win the game!

How To Start A Restaurant With Minimal Risk

Starting a business nowadays is something that can be risky given that the economic conditions appear to be a tad bit volatile no matter where in the world you are located. No matter what kind of business you are starting, you should be able to sustain yourself without running on a loss. The hospitality business that has to do with edibles, is something that is now highly competitive and dynamic not to mention how diverse and creative it has gotten. How can you start a restaurant therefore, with minimal risk in today’s market? Here are some tips that might help you.

Assess your ideal market

The ideal first step would be to do plenty of research to find out the demographics of the market. For example what kind of catering services would the market that you are approaching prefer? What would be their budget limits? What kind of food would they prefer? What would be the ideal age group and segment of community that you would be appealing to? You will need to look at all these details in order for you to make a wise choice on the kind of advertising that you can do. Only with the identification of the right market will you be able to sell correctly and effectively. More importantly the business model and structure that you will plan will have a lot to do with this factor as well.

People like convenience and speed

Everyone seems to be cooking these days and everyone is a hotelier on some level. Therefore, you need to give people the two things that they would appreciate the most. Obviously after good quality food, you need to look at convenience and speed. For example if you were to start a dinner delivery service Singapore, that would appeal to a lot of people because for those families where everybody comes home tired from home at night, the idea of a good and healthy meal delivered just in time right to their doorstep would really come in handy.

Come up with something original

Next, always think original. There are way too many innovative food businesses out there for you to stick to the same old plain deal. Be innovative and be original. Your menu, your food presentation, the kind of flavours that you bring together, or otherwise, something should be new and unheard of before. If not it has to be a twist on something that is a classic and in demand always.

How To Take Better Care Of Your Grandparents?

Taking care of the elderly is part of being an adult; it’s one part of the circle of life. If your grandparents live with you, and you want to know of ways to take care of them better, then we applaud your thought. Here are a few tips to help you out…

  • Spend more time with them – trust us, this one is very important. By spending time with them, not only are you letting them know they are important and making them feel loved, you are also opening up a door way to their mind. Knowing how they think and how they feel will make it easier for you to spot signs of age related sickness; both physical and mental. And it goes without saying that having strong family connections is vital for humans in general.
  • Appoint someone to take care of them in your absence – try as you might, you can’t be around your grand parents all day long. This is especially true if you are working and have a hectic career to manage. Find someone looking for part time nursing jobs; as you will not need their help all day long. Make sure it’s someone who has a good rapture with your grandparents, as appose to someone just looking for a way of making money.
  • Introduce them to hobbies that will keep their minds occupied – if your grandparents are pretty fit and healthy, and don’t really need any one to keep an eye on them, then chances are that you can do without scouting out people looking for home therapy in Singapore. Instead, help them make better use of their day. Encourage them to try new hobbies; especially hobbies that will teach them a skill or hone skills they already have. This is a very efficient way to make sure their mind is kept sharp.
  • Help them be more tech savvy – there is no doubt that the world is becoming very technological; with computers taking over almost all aspects of our lives. In this world, it’s possible that your grand parents feel a little left behind; just because they are not as tech savvy. Take the time to change this fact. There are smart phones now suitable for the elderly as well…
  • Help them reconnect with their friends and other family members – like we mentioned above, humans are social creatures; and they need friends and family to thrive and flourish. Help your grandparents reconnect with their friends and other family members. Encourage them to go out and make new connections as well. That once a week outing you take them on can help keep away age related depression and other mental illnesses…making it more than worth your time and energy.



Different Diseases Which Have Similar Symptoms

There are various diseases which are quite different from each other but often have same or similar symptoms. Sometimes even doctors make a mistake in interpreting the issue when the patient tells the symptoms.

This is why they take several tests to confirm what exactly the issue is. For example piles and colorectal cancer have similar symptoms. There are many more diseases like these, some of which have been explained below.

HIV infection

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus which is a deadly infection which attacks the immune system of the human body. The symptoms of a HIV infection is similar to huge range of other diseases as well. Therefore it is impossible to detect whether the person has HIV just by looking at the symptoms. After first few weeks of HIV infection the patient would have symptoms like sore throat, muscle and joint aches and pains, night sweats and headaches. These are the symptoms of other medical conditions as well such as influenza, rubella and herpes virus. If one has AIDS their immune system will be weak and they could catch other problems such as pneumonia. If this is the case they will have issues like fever, cough and this necessarily doesn’t have to mean they have AIDS it could be something else such as cancer. So one cannot predict the problem just by looking at the symptoms, they need to take couple of tests to confirm it.

Anal disorders

Problem in the anal area can be very painful. There are many different anal diseases which have similar symptoms for example both piles and rectal cancer have same symptoms. However both have to be treated differently, for piles doctor might advice the patient to do haemorrhoid surgery in Singapore whereas for cancer the patient will have to do chemotherapy sessions. Sometimes it wouldn’t be either of the 2 and could simply be constipation or diarrhoea.


According to statistics diabetes is the leading cause of death in United States. It is very important to go for regular check-ups in order to detect this at an earlier stage. There are number of diseases which have symptoms similar to diabetes such as stroke. This is attack on brain that causes issues with the memory. The symptoms of this are loss of vision, sudden weakness which is similar to type 2 diabetes. Grave’s disease and glaucoma are other diseases which have symptoms of diabetes.

As explained above different medical conditions can have same symptoms and it takes time for doctors too to identify the real issue. This is why one needs to take reports when doctor asks and regular body check-up is advisable to detect issues at an earlier stage.

Company Outings And Transportation

Companies have different events scattered through the year that require their employees to travel to different locations: it may be a simple corporate getaway, a convention or an exhibition, or even a business trip. Regardless of the purpose, it is common for companies to send their teams out for company reasons, which means that often, a large number of employees go out. In such events, it is helpful for employees to stick together to one schedule in order to avoid wasting precious time, as well as to avoid incurring extra expenses.

All the points above considered, it is obvious why most companies prefer to stick to charter bus services when it comes to any kind of corporate outing. If your company is also having a company outing in the near future, below are some of the advantages that you gain from hiring a chartered bus:

  • Better coordination – as was mentioned above, it is common for a large number of employees to go out when it comes to company outings. When a dozen or more employees have to stick to the same schedule and itinerary in an unknown location, it makes more sense to have them travel as a group, rather than as individuals. Using the public transport can easily see employees split, not to add, such a large group can inevitably cause trouble to the other passengers. On the other hand, if you consider private transport, you will find that not every employee possesses a car or a bike, making it hard for them to be as quick as the others. Instead, if everyone makes use of the same bus rental in Singapore, it is easier to coordinate everyone and every plan.
  • Cost-effective – when it comes to company outings, usually the company tends to separate budgets for travel and lodging expenses for the employees. On first thought, public transport might seem the cheapest, but when you consider either flight tickets or bullet train services for a dozen employees or so, the expenses considerably rack up. A chartered bus, in comparison, is a very cost-effective choice.
  • Proceed with work – unless the outing was a company getaway to deepen relationships, most company outings have strictly business purposes. This means that there is work to be done, and more often than not, it is the norm for employees to run late or have last-minute check-ups with regards to it. Chartered buses offer trays and other facilities such as charging ports for electronic devices and WiFi connection, which means that employees have a chance to catch up on their work emails and go through their documents again.

Advantages Of Daycares For Young Kids

Nowadays, it is really difficult to make a living with just one person working a full-time job. Therefore, most mothers nowadays are forced to go to work just as their young children grow up to about a year or so, when are they just able to live without having to rely on their mothers all the time. In that case, a mother has only a few options in order to make sure their children are taken care of: either have a relative look after them at home or leave their children in a dedicated daycare centre. The first option seems like the better idea, but sadly, it is often not doable as there is nobody else at home most of the time.

As you can see, a daycare centre is really the only choice you have if you want to do your job and have your child taken care of at the same time. But don’t worry: although you are technically leaving your kid in the care of strangers, these people are highly qualified and trained individuals, who will take care to give your child the utmost attention and love they deserve. In fact, daycares do provide several benefits to children who attend them on a daily basis, including:

Heightened Social Skills

Since your child learns to communicate and interact with children similar to his age as well as adults so early in his or her lifetime, you can rest assured that he or she will develop quite a lot. His or her social skills are probably the ones that will see the most development. This is a very welcome advantage, as you can rest assured that your child will be more than ready once he or she starts going to a nursery school in Singapore.

Betterment of Academics

Recent studies have shown that children who attended a childcare centre while young managed to score higher quite consistently at school exams when they became teenagers. Often times, these children had attended high-quality daycares which provided activities that boosted their thinking capabilities and knowledge of the world around them.

Adapting to a Schedule

Everybody knows that working to a pre-arranged schedule is the best way to get work done in the shortest amount of time, hence boosting productivity. Nevertheless, implementing a schedule can be hard when one is not used to working in that manner. But when you start young, there is a higher chance that an individual will get used to it quite quickly. This is what happens at daycares basically. Your child comes every day at a set time, engages in different activities for various periods of time and then leaves the premises at the end of the day. Thus, your child will get better at organizing and managing his or her own time as they grow up.

Why Tech Savvy People Win The Game

Have you ever thought that the level of Technological advancement in your workplace might be pushing your business to grow quickly or inhibit the same? Business technology refers to things as video conferencing, involvement in social networking sites in its simplest terms.

What we call a virtual office has eliminated the physical boundaries and limitations of a real building and has given us liberty to expand in unimaginable rates that were only concepts in a IT office setup APAC. The target audience has grown in sheer numbers and the accessibility is at anyone’s fingertips. And it doesn’t stop there by any mean.

Better Communication

Proper techniques in place can seriously boost the communication in your office space. Once you know that you are not limited to phone calls and conference calls things will quickly start to change. Email lets you to send and receive messages almost instantly but you will not bother anyone with a loud ringing phone.

 Beyond, your interactions with the clientele will take a drastic turn, as they view, purchase, customize, review and recommend your products and services in real time – basically for the whole world to see. You meetings will become shorter or cease to exist in some cases as it takes one click to interact and pass down information to multiple recipients all at once.


Save so much time by accelerating the work flow – as you research, gather and share information in speed that was not there before. Clear half of your book archives with saving your data in digital libraries and use the emptied physical space for something effective than old files and folders. Not to mention the money you save by not having to print things out. Simply share that document on a common drive and everyone will have it. No need to order 20 copies. This is where networking comes into play. If you do not possess the resources for that try IT outsourcing.

Everything on the Go

Technology at the workspace practically puts time and space into non existence. No one will be carrying their folders to the next building anymore. Video conferencing will bring together people from all continents if needed. It reduces travel costs – as you set up virtual meetings rather than business trips. Basically you will be reaching a global level of exposure with an ultimately less cost. 

Human Resources

Make screening, recruiting and assessing people more efficient by using IT. Advertise your vacancies on a global platform, making them come up in search hits and reach out to high profile candidates worldwide. Use a wide assortment of cutting edge tools to keep track of and evaluate your employees, candidates and come up with a better understanding about their strengths and how to use them.

The Mistakes Of The New Photography Trend

What are the issues you should keep in mind when booking a photo booth? Read on below!

  • Quality versus expenses – photobooths are by no means inexpensive. They usually come with a fixed price per day so as to provide flexibility over the number of sessions or photos taken, but this also means that you will generally see a hefty price tag. Do not compel yourself to pick the cheapest provider because of this reason, because you won’t be able to expect quality photos in such a circumstance. The quality of photos dictates the quality of service when it comes to photo booths, and you want to make sure that the provider uses a quality DLSR camera (as opposed to a webcam or something similar!).
  • Part-time providers – the other point you should focus on when it comes to quality, is the question of part-time providers. Instant photobooth Singapore are generally provided by professional companies, but there are some part-time providers who do not have a proper office or equipment in the industry as well. Try to avoid these part-time vendors, because they won’t be able to give you the level of professionalism that you would normally expect: not only will they most probably have amateur photographers, but they will also struggle to provide backups in case of failures or problems.
  • Staging issues – when it comes to photo booths, you will definitely need a lot of space. The problem is that certain venues can have restrictions when it comes to floor space available, and sometimes, event planners decide to skimp on the booth space to make up for it. The end result is a booth too small for groups of guests to take photos with, and this can significantly disappoint them. Always consider the layout of the venue and find the best location which allows for the biggest photo booth you can afford.
  • Free reprints – and finally, the one mistake you should not do when it comes to hiring a photo booth is forgetting to negotiate the reprints. Fortunately, most professional photo booth providers do, in fact, allow as many reprints of the same session as needed at no cost to you or the guests, but it is often better to ask beforehand than to expect without saying anything. Make sure to ask your provider their stance when it comes to reprints, and ensure that they are willing to provide a print of the same photo for all the guests who were in it. If you are left with a single print of a session, how are you going to decide who goes home with it? Avoid disappointing your guests in this manner, and make sure to discuss the issue with the provider therefore.

How To Prepare For A Resort Vacation

If you thought that there was nothing better than going on a vacation then you are sadly mistaken because going to a resort for a vacation trumps everything. Because apart from getting to spend your days lazing in front of the pool one would also get the opportunity to enjoy the spa, restaurant, and gym that are available for the enjoyment of the guests. However, although staying at a resort can be fun if one is unprepared for this vacation then many things can go wrong easily. Thus, to avoid the readers from experiencing such a situation the following article explores the steps that one should take in order to be completely prepared for a resort vacation.

If one is planning on spending their days at the pool then it is recommended for one to invest in one of the best sunscreen for face that is currently available on the market as one does not wish to possess a sunburnt face. Furthermore, if you are visiting from a cold region or if you are coming from the winter season then it is advisable for one to get a spray tan before coming on this vacation in order to avoid looking washed out when lazing around the pool. Moreover, one should also bring some reading material in order to occupy themselves whilst sunbathing.

Furthermore, if one is planning on swimming in the pool then they should either invest in waterproof makeup in order to avoid looking like a raccoon when you emerge from the pool. Otherwise, one should think about utilizing Bioderma makeup remover to remove any trace of makeup from their body before they get into the pool. Moreover, those individuals planning on spending a predominant time in the pool should invest in at least three swimming suits because if you wear one the entire day then two would not be sufficient.

Moreover, no matter how exclusive and grand the resort may be, make sure to pack your own first aid kit with a band-aid, antiseptics,  and medication for pain and diarrhea.  Furthermore, one should also make sure to pack a spray of bug repellent as it would come very handy especially during a night out.

Packing for any type of vacation can be an overwhelming task but one should start preparing for such a trip ahead of time in order to avoid the stress and hassle that would ordinarily be affiliated with the packing process. Thus, one should ensure that they not only enjoy the time that they spend in the resort but also the planning process because otherwise, the stress that one may have accumulated would spread into the vacation time.

Tackling A Business Merging Process

Acquisitions of smaller business firms by larger companies are quite common in the business world. There also exist cases of similarly sized companies merging with each other to create a much larger venture that is comprised of the very best from each of the two companies that participated in the merge. While rare, there are also cases of multiple businesses merging together to create a single, large-scale company.

Merging in this manner does provide several advantages to each involved party. The main one is that it allows for better growth opportunities, but it also helps with sharing losses that would otherwise bring a single company to its knees.  Sadly, despite the advantages provided by a successful merge, there are also several shortcomings that need to be dealt with, particularly if the transition process doesn’t go as smoothly as planned.

The first thing you need to acknowledge about the merger is the fact that it is going to put a lot of added strain on your business, regardless of whether we are considering pure monetary terms or the amount of workforce you have. As a result of that, you may want to run some estimates before the merger itself to determine its feasibility one more time just to be sure.

A merger will likely leave you with a large number of assets, as well as a much bigger workforce than you previously had to deal with. Your current office and business premises may not be adequate anymore to accommodate this sudden increase in assets and workforce, and you may want to consider about changing locations. Thankfully, there are several firms that handle IT support office relocation Tokyo, so you don’t have to be that nervous about making the move.

Your business network will also need some major changes now that it needs to cater to the added staff and business activities. You can try merging your existing network with the one used in the company you are merging with, but this is not recommended unless you run very similar systems. It can lead to major system errors on both parts, so you may want to consider IT outsourcing to build up an entirely new network that is fit enough to handle a large amount of data without issues.

Finally, we will also have to talk about your human resources. Despite your best efforts to keep everyone working under you, some of your employees may need to be let go. It can be a painful thing to do but remember that for the long-term benefits of your business changes need to be done in order to keep it profitable. Cutting down on staff Is one way to go about it, mostly because you will need to give work to the employees of the other company as well.

In conclusion, business merging processes need to be carefully reviewed to prevent major mishaps. Never rush through things: take your time and establish a solid foundation on which to build up your new company.